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Size Guide - Short Top

Size chart measurements are in inches.

All the size chart measurements given are garment sizes. For a good fit, the garment needs to be 3-4 inches more than the body size.

For shrinkage details and how to measure yourself, please check the below FAQs and the measuring guide.

In case you are buying for the first time, please make sure that you have read the below FAQs and the guide. That will ensure a perfect fit for you.


Size Chart

Garment Size  XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Bust 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Waist 34 36 38 40 42 44 46


Measuring Guide




How do I measure myself?

Measure yourself as per the image given and the apparel you want to buy. Keep the measuring tape just right around chest, waist and hip. Do not pull the tape too tight. 

What size should I buy?

The sizes given in the chart are garment sizes.

Ideally, you should buy apparel 3-4 inches looser than your body measurement. For example, if you have measured your bust as 34 inches, you should buy "S" kurta which measures 38 inches at bust. 

Alternately, you can also decide the size you need to buy by selecting an existing garment that fits you comfortably. Lay it on a flat surface and measure the width across the bust (from armpit to armpit). Double this measurement. So, for example, if your garment measures 19 inches from armpit to armpit, you should double it to 38 inches. 

P.S.  It is always better to choose a size bigger when baffled about the size you need to buy 

What should I do if my kurta or short top is loose?

If you wish to wear a body fitted kurta, you can alter at your end by shaping at the sides or giving dots at the back.

How much does the fabric shrink? 

Cotton is a great fabric: versatile, comfortable, breathable, and hardwearing. But like many materials, particularly natural ones(silk too), it’s also prone to shrinking. Most natural fabrics shrink to some degree for two reasons: fibre shrinkage – the natural response of plant fibres to heat – and fabric shrinkage, the consequence of tension applied to yarn and fabric during manufacture. This tension is released with the heat of washing and drying, causing the garment to shrink. Hand woven cotton shrinks more than the soft(powerloom) ones. Synthetic fabrics like rayon, nylon, polyester and mixed synthetic fabrics do not shrink because their properties are different than the natural fabrics.

How much allowance is given for alterations?  

All kurtas have a generous 2-3 inches allowance on the sides, in case you want to further alter the piece at your end. 

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